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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Jul 2018

The Benefits of IT Asset Disposition

By Adam Shine, Vice President of Sunnking

One of the services Sunnking provides large enterprise customers is IT asset disposition (ITAD) which is the business of safe and responsible management of retired IT equipment. It’s a growing sector in our industry, and a differentiator in providing solutions that maximize returns. Although the term ITAD is not widely known by those needing the services, it’s increasingly receiving attention. Exploring the topic increases awareness of its benefits and promotes partnerships with the right vendors.

Businesses specifically choose trusted, certified ITAD solution providers to ensure confidential data is protected with the greatest security processes available. ITAD partners that have industry certifications, such as R2 or E-Stewards, safeguard confidential data and make sure that it is handled in an environmentally responsible way. Data is destroyed, and materials are then preferably reused, when possible or recycled if they’ve reached their end of life. Detailed audit trails provide evidence of the steps taken by a company to prevent data leaks. Failure to comply could result in financial loss, reputational damage, and liability for the company.

ITAD vendors typically work with higher end retired assets that have reuse potential. Reuse is considered the highest form of recycling as it lessens energy requirements associated with dismantling and re-manufacturing products. However, the industry is largely fragmented by those who are more concerned about destruction and confidentiality and those who are looking to maximize value for their assets. Some organizations choose to have their equipment recycled even if it has resale value, missing opportunities to capitalize return on the original investment. Resale also benefits organizations such as small business and non-profits that may not be able to afford new equipment. However, there are times devices truly reach end-of-life. In that case, product experts discern recycling value outweighs resale value, and the units are responsibly recycled for raw materials.

ITAD solutions help achieve a circular economy, protect the environment, and create more sustainable communities. Instead of having to mine new mineral and metals from the earth, materials are saved for further use and diverted away from landfills. This conserves natural resources, reduces pollution, and saves energy and costs.

It’s great to see ITAD vendors bringing innovations to the market and watch it grow as companies increasingly need help managing their ITAD solutions. If you haven’t made an investment in repurposing and reselling your IT assets, looking into these opportunities for your business has potential to capture additional margin and provide a competitive edge.

Jul 2018

Sunnking Goes to Capitol Hill

Sunnking’s VP, Adam Shine, and Health and Safety Manager, Matt Plummer, went to Capitol Hill for the last few days to meet with Senators and Congressman about Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.. (ISRI) and recycling!

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